Initial Situation

The Expert training program within the client was established in 2001 in collaboration with Gert Haar- Jorgensen (GHJ), then at McKinsey‘s Manufacturing Practice (MMP), based on their internal training academy (PSDC) . GHJ specifically set up LeanCoaching Ltd. to continue supporting this.

Internal Lean Expert Selection Model

The Internal Lean Expert program selects the best candidates and puts them through a 1 year course of 4 x 3 month projects combined with theoretical training 1 day a week (ca. 40 days)

After completion of the training program these experts become change agents within the organisation. After an intensive Year, qualified trainees return to plants as experts with ability to work on key issues.

Typical Project Model

Each Project has defined phases and Result in a step change improvement for the effected area and filling a skills gap for the Trainees

The trainee experts are involved in all aspects of the business ; production, quality, logistics with the majority starting their ‘learning to see’ experience in optimising existing processes.

The expectation of Lean Experts are that they can design and implement complete lean systems and not just apply tools.

Performance Monitoring

Progress is monitored and feedback is given using two key processes for tracking individual skills and capabilities. The kills matrices are updated with both manager and coach at the end of every supplier engagement. The four skill levels attained are recorded:

  1. Classroom knowledge
  2. Applied with support
  3. Applied with confidence
  4. Can train others

The matrices are used to set learning goals for the trainees next engagement.

Customer Benefits

Trained experts return to their departments as dedicated leaders of change. They can also become trainers for the next generation of new trainees leading to the reduction of the need for external support.

Multiplication of change agents after each twelve-month cycle.

Between 2002 and 2007, the program has produced over 80 internal change agents (Lean Experts) at an average cost of €45.000 per trainee per project. These trainees have carried out 160 projects with average savings of 300.000 euros per project (210,000 euros net) with a net saving over five years of 33.6 million euros.

Customer Benefits

The next step to protect their investment and to maintain momentum is to introduce a structured career plan for the newly developed Experts and support their first solo year with a mentor to enable them to continue to develop and learn from other experts’ experiences.