Unlock the Potential within your Business

Lean Coaching has a proven track record over the last 12 years of delivering high return on investment (ROI) with sustainable results achieving millions of dollars savings. This has been achieved through coaching the client’s best asset “Their People”.

We analyse each business individually and quickly understand the gap to current performance using the clients KPI’s and when required, Lean KPI’s. This analysis leads to an estimative of the business potential. All Lean Coaching’s work is based on a ROI for the client.

The next step is to align the organization so each member, from the board to the operator level, understands the direction and strategy of the business.

Lean Coaching specializes in the implementation of Toyota-style Production Systems in maturing Lean companies. Our approach focuses on transferring ‘Know-How‘-Coaching, more than on ‘Know-What‘ – Consulting.

Our Coaching method is based on the approach Toyota apply internally in implementing TPS and creates the necessary internal ‘pull‘ for change. This is achieved by top-level coaching and the development of internal change agents.