The 8 Key Aspects of Shop Floor Management 

For those who are in the process of implementing Shop Floor Management (SFM) or looking for ways to improving it, here are 8 key aspects that a successful SFM relies on:

1. A clear direction and cascade of goals from the Senior Management. This has to be set using SMART goals and has to be clearly communicated to the whole organization. Failure to do so, leads to the organization working in different directions.

2. Minimal KPI’s that drive the business and unites in the organization in one direction – too many KPI’s lead to confusion. All KPI’s should be linked to the company direction. (KISS)

3. An agreed cadence and review frequency, the further away from gap to target, the more frequent the reviews. Reviews should be no more than 15 minutes in duration – they haveto be on the Shop floor where the action is; if you are hidden away in some office this won’t work and it will drift on longer than 15 minutes.

4. Attendance and support from all areas of the organization. Senior Management should set the example and lead the way– failure to get all support functions attending will lead to actions not being followed up and participants feeling unsupported.

5. Participants prepare feedback so the review is a confirmation and not a problem solving meeting. How often do you go to a meeting or review where it ends up in a problem-solving meeting, a battle of knowledge and power? SFM is not the place for that. Preparation needs to happen prior to the meetings. Presenters should show their findings with a suggested way forward and seek confirmation that they are on the right path.

6. Mutual trust and respect for all participants attending the review – Answering calls, looking at computers or talking whilst someone is presenting are not acceptable behaviour, it’s actually rude!

7. Agreed follow up actions by all participants – if management doesn’t follow up, employees will eventually lose interest. Its management’s role to confirm!

8. Active “Go, Look and See” follow up by the Management team; this is an excellent management confirmation tool. As a leader, pick a couple actions from the meeting to go, see and confirm completion. This does not only confirm information, but also show your interest to others.

Does your organization have all these aspects? How successful is your Shop floor Management?