Ray Taviner

Technical Expert

Ray has over 30 years’ experience as a proactive coach, business manufacturing specialist, NPI/NPD expert to multiple sectors including Metals&Mining, Steel making, Automotive, Heavy Engineering, Defense, Medical sphere, Aerospace, Oil & Gas. Strong engineering background and a proven record in forging, casting of steels, aluminium and bronzes. Experienced board member in large FTSE & SME business models. Advanced skills in long- and short-term strategical business planning, business process management, Lean 6 Sigma, change management and business analysis.

Terence Ellwood

Technical Expert

Terence is a highly motivated coach and a unique technical expert with over 30 years’ international experience of factory integration, divestment project management, and processing plastic film extrusion. Terence’s key expertise lies with extrusion business in PE and PP cast and blown film including diaper film, shrink films, industrial films, and technical films, including full responsibility for factory start-up. In addition, Terence has vast experience in steel making maintenance and refurbishment of continuous casting machinery.


+44 (0)20 8971 1720