Initial Situation

At the end of 2008 a leading Global Flooring Company, decided to become the benchmark in Quality, Service, Costs and Innovation.
Hence, the implementation of a “World Class Manufacturing” program was started early in 2009. Lean Coaching was selected to support them in the roll-out of this program in 26 Plants by the end of 2011.

WCM “Model” Plant Selection Process

World Class Manufacturing aligns & focuses all areas of the business to achieve progressively enhanced results year on year. It consists of 10 technical Pillars built on 10 Management criteria. The initial plant is selected as a “Model plant” following a deep dive into current & historical financial results, this confirms that benefits will be sufficient. The model plant also fosters training and education to support future deployments.

WCM Deployment Model

Typically each Plant implementation covers three stages of evolution though each of the pillars – progressing from Reactive through Preventive and finally covering Proactive competencies.
The implementation is driven via the Plant manager supported by a team of Pillar Managers and a central plant co-ordinator.
Lean Coaching developed Training materials, executed Training & coaching of the Plant core Teams & set up visual Management programs in 16 Plants.

1stWave – Safety – Cost deployment – Quality control – Focus improvement

2ndWave – Autonomous maintenance – Professional maintenance – People development

3rdWave – Supply chain & customer service – Early product & equipment management – Environment

Targets & Objectives

Central WCM Team

  • Provide operational support for Central Pillar leaders
  • Standardise the WCM implementation processes
  • Create guidelines to execute CD
  • Create a basic training framework and provide content & documentation for Safety, Cost Deployment, Quality Control, Focused Improvement, Autonomous Maintenance & Professional Maintenance pillars
  • Coach & train Central Pillar Managers in Project Management, problem solving, visual management & leadership

Plant Teams

  • Drive CD process in All plants to F-Matrix
  • Support / find topics / projects to reach cost reduction goal in F-Matrix
  • Coach & support Plant Managers & local Pillar Managers in WCM implementation
  • Provide specific training in Problem solving & visual management
  • Coach & mentor the WCM Plant co-ordinators in WCM methods, tools & philosophy

Performance Monitoring

Progress is monitored through a structured set of Visual Management methods & regular meetings.

Customer Benefits

Training – Approximately 450 Plant personnel have been trained in WCM tools & methods by Lean Coaching.

Rollout – 17 Plants have launched WCM so far out of the total of 26, this is in line with the plan.

Awards – The model plant is well on target to reach it`s Bronze level award for WCM in 2011.

Safety – Lost time accidents in2010 were 41% lower than in 2009.

Cost Savings – Each launched Plant typically delivers a minimum saving of 6% of its identified attackable costs on a twice a year basis. Up to the end of 2010 across the 8 Plants launched this has meant approximately 338 projects have been carried out with a total saving of €10 million Euros.