Why is it important?

The aviation industry has specific features associated with the highest requirements for the technical reliability of transportation safety. The high degree of product adaptation to the needs of individual customers creates the highest competition among aircraft and component manufacturers in the speed of developing a new product and introducing it into production.

Our experience

Lean Coaching has over 18 years of experience in strategic development, operational excellence, supplier management, including engineering, production suppliers and service enterprises of the aviation industry globally


We have consistenly managed a positive ROI on our Transformation (12+ months) projects, whilst embedding the processes and skills to ensure Sustainability and continued improvements.
We base our joint targets on your success criteria

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employee engagement in problem solving

Main workstreams

Based on a Diagnostic of the business challenges and Current State of operations, we develop a tailored Future State with detailed Implementation Plan, measurable objectives (KPIs), typically including some or all of the below Workstreams

Strategy and Production system design

Developing a vision, strategy and measurable plan (Hoshin Kanri) that can be deployed across the organization. Designing and tailoring industry/ company specific Production or Operating Systems, covering all direct and indirect functions.

Supplier management and development

Complete span of support of suppliers, from selection, through to strategic development to 'partnerships'. Also Supplier Interventions, if impacting (QCD) production or Cost Reduction, optimizing process and costings, leveraging continuous improvement and other lean tools.

Lean Organization

Building an effective organisational span of control, roles and responsibilities and processes, as a foundation for a culture of continuous improvement and problem solving that is maintained at all levels.

Performance/Shopfloor Management

Visual management and cascade of key performance indicators (KPIs) and SMART Targets. Shopfloor Management; effectively prioritizing issues, early intervention (containment), effective problem solving of recuring issues and process confirmation to prevent reaccurance.

Focused Improvement projects

Applying methods and tools in a step change improvement in performance in given area or process, to show impact and/or have initial quick-wins.

Lean Digitalization

Digital diagnostics of IT/OT, identify digital waste and potential digital value added Create Future and Ideal States with digital VSM, Systems architecture maps, Entity Relationship Diagrams to mesh/mock up simulations to tailored plan.

Leadership Development

Coaching and capability development based Standard work for leaders including process confirmation, go look see, planning and escalation, coaching and problem solving, creating high performing teams.

Change Agent Development

Set up training and development of a critical mass of Internal specialists, experts and coaches to replace external support and drive and sustain implementation of company Operating/lean System.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

Development of processes and capabilities to launch products or services on quality, cost and delivery targets and building in lessons learnt, built into next iteration (Keshikomi).

Case Studies

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Anonymous $1.5B aviation business jet division, USA.

Aviation Manufacturing

Anonymous $15B OEM aviation manufacturing company.

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Anonymous $250M general aviation aircraft company, USA