Lean Operational Excellence

Lean Coaching has a wide range of experience in operational excellence projects and big transformation (Lean, Digital, ESG) programs, addressing business issues which require a combination of deep end-to-end industry knowledge with the practical experience in getting sustainable results through application of Lean (TPS) philosophy and methods in all aspects of Operations (Man, Machine, Material, Method).

Lean Digitalization

Digital Transformation is also organisation and operational Change Management, where the application of digital technologies need to be ‘solutions to a/many problem(s)’ and it makes sense to ‘lean out’ (simplify, reduce muda/losses) in processes before deciding what and how to Digitalize. Lean Coaching together with solution providers and systems integrators have developed a flexible, structured approach based on Lean/TPS philosophy and tools, utilised to tailoring steps or leaps towards digitalisation, depending on capabilities and technology from a current state to a realistic but step change future state – which then is/can be repeated ad infinitum.

Lean Organisation

Our coaches have decades of experience ‘living and breathing’ Lean, including Coaching managers and change agents in a varity of industries and cultures.
Real sustainable improvements are only achieved if the organisational capabilities and cultural behaviors are developed in tandem with the systems and processes.