Lean Coaching Ukraine attended the First Lean Open Day at the biggest pharmaceutical producer in the country, Farmak

Farmak Supply Chain under the leadership of the Operational Director and Quality Director has implemented the Lean Farmak program since the beginning of 2021 with the full-time involvement of the Lean Coaching consultants. The main outcomes of that program were: cost saving with Focus improvement activities for more than €1.2m, starting and developing 39 visual centers, training, and coaching for more than 900 people. Farmak personnel continued the implementation autonomously and managed to achieve high-level results in the last 10 months which were presented at the event by production and quality departments. Thanks to the sustainable change systems which were implemented together with LC coaches, Farmak got another successful year in production, per last 9 months were: FI activities saving €257k, AM activities with potential savings of €312k, opening new 26 visual centers in production, removed 2240 tags, proposed 544 improvement ideas, Implemented 6 new visual centers in Quality department, CAPA saving activities on €187k.

Farmak management highly appreciated the progress of the program and the results of cooperation with Lean Coaching. Lean Coaching Ukraine presented Farmak’s roadmap on the way to JIPM 2025. Farmak management expressed a desire to discuss plans for the next year’s cooperation after the financial year results.

Farmak invited to this event other consulting companies for experience sharing. All participants highlighted a very high level of people engagement in the continuous improvement process.