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1405, 2019

Coaching / SFM – V Engine

Initial Situation The V-Engine manufacturing division of a German luxury car producer had, for several years, been attempting to implement a system for continually eliminating non value-added activities. The initiative, essentially a single corporate production system, had been driven, with a series of fragmented “bottom-up” continuous improvement schemes, workshops, training sessions and bespoke projects based on well-codified and widely known tools. The initiative was failing to sustain the implemented improvements and thereby the identified potential. Project Model By applying project model shown here, Lean Coaching was able to confirm and understand current situation enabling development of a tailor-made plan [...]

1305, 2019

Coaching / SFM – Straumann

Initial Situation A leading international dental implant manufacturing company started their Lean journey by experimenting by implementing VSM, 5s through the workshop approach. The senior management recognised very quickly that there was benefit to be had but did not have the structure to maximise potential and maintain sustainability. Trigger for change The Business Excellence team considered that it was necessary to ensure the involvement of the complete management team in the definition of the strategy for change. A two-day workshop with 22 members of the management team was executed with the combined objectives of providing coaching in best practices while [...]

105, 2019

World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

Initial Situation At the end of 2008 a leading Global Flooring Company, decided to become the benchmark in Quality, Service, Costs and Innovation. Hence, the implementation of a “World Class Manufacturing” program was started early in 2009. Lean Coaching was selected to support them in the roll-out of this program in 26 Plants by the end of 2011. WCM “Model” Plant Selection Process World Class Manufacturing aligns & focuses all areas of the business to achieve progressively enhanced results year on year. It consists of 10 technical Pillars built on 10 Management criteria. The initial plant is selected as a [...]

105, 2019


Initial Situation Grundfos, one of the world’s largest pump manufacturers were facing many challenges, most notably the economic down turn, high labour costs in Denmark and production moving east. They possessed a strong desire to be recognised as world leaders in their field. The organisation recognised the need to respond quickly to market fluctuations. This requires production flexibility and reduced inventories. It was understood that adopting a lean manufacturing philosophy was the way to achieve this. LeanCoaching were recommended by other leading blue-chip companies as a catalyst for change to a Lean organisation. Based on this and the success [...]

105, 2019

Expert training (MPS/TOS)

Initial Situation The Expert training program within the client was established in 2001 in collaboration with Gert Haar- Jorgensen (GHJ), then at McKinsey‘s Manufacturing Practice (MMP), based on their internal training academy (PSDC) . GHJ specifically set up LeanCoaching Ltd. to continue supporting this. Internal Lean Expert Selection Model The Internal Lean Expert program selects the best candidates and puts them through a 1 year course of 4 x 3 month projects combined with theoretical training 1 day a week (ca. 40 days) After completion of the training program these experts become change agents within the organisation. After an intensive Year, [...]